Wednesday, October 28, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hey sweet fam!

I´m running a little short on time, but I´m here to tell you I am doing great!  It´s been a week filled with miracles.  Here are a few:
  • On Tuesday, we went to visit a less-active hermana, Hermana Angelica!  It was so great to talk to her, and her granddaughter, Debora, happened to be in town.  Debora is twenty-one and is studying in Montevideo, but she had a break from school and spent the week in Artigas!  We had the opportunity to go out with Debora on Wednesday and Thursday night, and she is so awesome.
  • On Friday, I worked in Barrio 1 with Hermana Russell (from California)!  Oh my goodness, Hermana Russell is so humble and I learned so much from her!
  • On Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to do divisions with two college students in our ward, Maria Eugenia (the bishop´s daughter), and Fernanda.  I got to go out with Fernanda, and we visited a sweet hermana, Hermana Mariana!  She has two kiddos, and Fernanda was able to share her testimony about the atonement with Hermana Mariana.  I felt the Spirit so strongly, and Hermana Mariana came to church yesterday.
  • I´m so grateful for the members here and all they do to help us!
  • I love love love 1 Nephi 21: 14-16.  I think it´s one of my all-time favorite scriptures. 
Love you all and have the best week ever.  I promise to write more next week!

Hermana Dixon

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