Thursday, October 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hello sweet fam!

Well, it´s been another great week in Uruguay!!!  I loved hearing four of you gave talks in sacrament meeting, because I did as well!  On Thursday, our bishop assigned Hermana Salvatierra and me to give talks about missionary work.

Missionary work covers so much, so I kind of had no idea what I should talk about!  But on Friday night, it all came to me!  Friday happened to be day of the grandparents here in Uruguay.  It´s so cool Uruguay has a day especially for grandparents, no?  And also, on Friday night, Hermana Salvatierra and I had the opportunity to do family history here in the chapel!  I got to see some beautiful pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Dixon and I decided to do a rerun of my farewell talk.  I decided to talk about my sweet Grandma Dixon!!!

So you may be asking how exactly Grandma Dixon relates to missionary work?  I explained my grandma was born into a Congregationalist family, but when she was in her twenties, she began working in a laboratory and noticed some Mormon scientists who had distinct lifestyles.  I explained these scientists then invited her to church, and when she went to church, the members accepted and welcomed her.  And the members presented her to the missionaries!  

I mentioned through these scientists and through these loving members, my grandma´s life was changed (and the lives of her six children and many grandchildren for that matter)!

I then shared the story of Abinadi...Abinadi´s efforts didn´t seem to make too much of a difference.  Although he preached with all of his heart to tons of wicked priests, only one person, Alma, decided to listen.  But you know what???  Alma preached the gospel and brought many people to the waters of baptism.  And who knows?  Maybe these people had children and grandchildren as well.

I am so grateful for the people of Artigas because there are so many Abinadis here.  There are so many people who are willing to share their testimonies to help their neighbors, friends, and family members.  This gospel is so beautiful!

The work is going great here and I love my life!  Thank you for letting me be a missionary, and the gospel is so so true!

Have a great week,

Hermana Dixon

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