Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hey family!!!

Well, things are still good here in Mercedes and Hermana Marsh still just awes me every day. She is training me!  

This week has been a grand adventure!! We are still working on FINDING, FINDING, FINDING!!! And God is truly showing us little miracles. 

Hermana Marsh shared something awesome about Henry B. Eyring`s dad with me. When he was in his eighties, he was called to assign someone to pick weeds in a church onion patch. But instead of assigning someone, President Eyring`s dad decided he would just do it on his own! So he weeded all day long, and it was hard because his body was so frail! But he just weeded and weeded and weeded because he wanted to give his all to serve the Lord! At the end of the day, someone let President Eyring`s dad know he had weeded in an area where they had sprayed with weed killer. The weeds he picked were going to die in a few days anyway, so he basically picked weeds for nothing!

President Eyring then asked his dad if he felt angry for giving away so much of his energy to a lost cause. And I LOVE what his dad said. He said, ¨Henry, I was not there for the weeds.¨

At times, it kind of seems like Hermana Marsh and I are picking weeds. There are times when our citas fall through and we end up walking along the dark streets of Mercedes, looking for God`s chosen children! And Hermana Marsh always reminds me during those times we are not here for the weeds, we are here for the LORD!

And it is so amazing because as we`ve shown the Lord that we have faith, He shows his HAND in all things! Just when we feel like we can`t walk any longer or just as we feel like it`s too dark outside to continue on, the Lord puts little miracles in our path. Just this past week, we had the opportunity to teach the restoration in five minutes to so many of God`s children! And our ward is progressing! The leaders just seem so excited to participate in the work! They really want to participate in la casa abierta that we´re going to have in November!

I love Mercedes and I love my companion!!!  Thanks so much for all you do for me, and have the best week ever!!!

Hermana Dixon

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