Thursday, October 22, 2015

June 30, 2015

Hey sweet fam! 

This week has been AWESOME!  We have changes, but I will be staying in Artigas Barrio 6 with Hermana Salvatierra!  Woo hoo!  This is the first time after my training I won´t have a change of companion, so I´m excited!

The people in Artigas Barrio 6 are so awesome, and I especially love our bishop and his family, the Duarte family!!!

Here´s a little experience about them!

Our obispo, Obispo Duarte, is incredible!!! This past Sunday, we taught him and his family El Recogimiento de Israel! It´s super fun starting out the lesson by spreading out a bunch of candies and asking someone to gather all the candies, but WITHOUT using their arms or hands. Sometimes people use their mouths or feet to gather the candies, but it just ends up being so awkward. It just shows the Lord truly needs our "brazos" to do His work! Anyway, after teaching El Recogimiento, we had the opportunity to meet with our obispo Saturday night and talk about the people in our ward who want to progress to go to the temple! And then on Sunday, our obispo accompanied us! We had two citas fijads with our obispo, but they both ended up falling through. So we ended up visiting a ton of less-active members whom our obispo hasn´t met yet (he lives in the area of Rama 5, so he still doesn´t know the area of Barrio 6 super well). I can honestly testify the Lord´s plan was for our citas to fall through, because it was incredible to see our obispo interacting with all the less-active members. He had so much love for them and even had the opportunity to give an hermana a priesthood blessing (and she really needed it)! So yeah, he is awesome!!!

Also, I loved reading in 1 Nefi 17 this morning.  You guys should read in this chapter and think about building up whatever spiritual goal you have!!!  Here´s what I learned from my studies in this chapter today:

 Although this chapter talks about Nefi building a boat, we can really apply it to whatever situation! This morning, I applied building a boat to building my mission...making my mission what the Lord wants my mission to be! First off, in versiculo 2, I learned I should live every day of my mission "SIN MURMURAR." Second off, in versiculo 3, I learned God will always provide me with the necessary nourishment and strengthen me...but only if I continue keeping the commandments and rules of the mission. Third off, in versiculo 8, I learned I should build my mission "según la manera que yo te mostraré" aka I should realize really my mission isn´t MINE, it´s the Lord´s! So I will do my best to follow the Lord´s will for my mission.

Well, I sure do love you guys a lot, and it makes me so happy you´re loving the new ward in Layton!  I especially loved the story about the little boy looking over his mom´s shoulder.  So funny!  The Berneda family is doing great, and our investigator, Paula (we found her by accident because she lived NEXT TO the reference) is super AWESOME!  She loves hearing about the gospel and is praying to know if the restoration and the Book of Mormon are true.  I love seeing God´s hand working in our little area!

Love you all,

Hermana Dixon

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