Wednesday, October 21, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hey sweet fam!

Sorry to be so lame, but I am going to be using my letter to President again.  And then I´ll write a few more bullet points to let you know what else is going on!

"Life is good, oh so good! This week has been a good one. We had our open house, divisions, and ward conference, so it was a week filled with adventures!

Little by little, we are finding more with the members. And let me just say, a huge part of it is my companion! I love receiving a new companion in an area because she has a fresh perspective. Hermana Salvatierra sees things I didn´t notice before...especially when it comes to members. She´s able to see every member truly is a missionary! We´ve been inviting new members to go out with us and bit by bit, we are seeing progress. We saw a huge miracle this week when it came to finding with members. On Friday morning, Hermano Lorenzo (an awesome hermano in our ward) went out with us to visit a reference we received from an hermano in Barrio 3 (Hermano Lopez). We were looking for the house NEXT TO 595 Manuel Oribe. But we kind of forgot the NEXT TO part. So we ended up knocking at 595 Manuel Oribe. A young mother opened the door and we asked her if she knew Hermano Lopez (because he was the one who gave us the reference). She said she didn´t know him, but invited us into her house. 

So we entered into her house, learned about her life, and had a charla! This young mom is incredible...her life has not been easy, but she has so many desires to learn more about God and please Him. It was really interesting because she had lots and lots of questions...and it was so cool because Hermano Lorenzo was able to help her out a lot with her questions! He's a convert so it was easy for him to see things from her perspective. We are so excited to visit her again this upcoming Wednesday!

Okay so divisions were great! I can honestly say Hermana Sandoval kind of read my mind and helped me figure out what I can do to be a better missionary! Our day was super interesting...just about every appointment fell through and there was so much opposition during our charlas. But even though it was an interesting day, it was the perfect day! Hermana Sandoval is INCREDIBLE. She is so full of love and has such sound motives...she just wants to be good so she can help everyone around her.”

And now I´ll give you the bullet points!
  • First off, this P-Day has been so fun!  We got to drive around Brazil and eat hot dogs with Fernanda (her parents live in our ward and she just got back from her mission in January).  She was visiting Artigas for the weekend.
  • Hermano Jorge came to church and said he felt great!
  • I love my life as a missionary and I love this gospel.
Hermana Dixon

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