Tuesday, October 27, 2015

By Hermana Susana Mendina

July 13, 2015

Haha hello family!!!

So funny story!  As Hermana Salvatierra and I were writing this morning in the chapel (we write here in the family history center), the power went out in the chapel!  So here I am again in the afternoon, but I don´t have much time!  Life is always a big adventure in the mission!

Well it sure has been a good week.  Like REALLY good!  I can honestly say I am in love with Uruguay and I am in love with Artigas Barrio 6.  The members here are absolutely incredible.  

Here are a few highlights from the week:

On Wednesday night, Hermana Salvatierra and I went out with Hermana Idalina.  It just seemed about everywhere we went, nobody was home!  I was just praying in my heart we´d be able to find someone, and we found Hermana Mirta!  She is a less-active member, and we loved reading 1 Nephi chapter 16 with her!  This chapter is INCREDIBLE.  In this part of the Book of Mormon, Nephi breaks his bow and doesn´t know what to do.  In desperation, he builds a new bow and then asks his father where he should go to find food.  We love comparing this to the need we have for spiritual food.  Just as Nephi couldn´t survive without food in the desert, we can´t survive spiritually without participating in the sacrament.  We felt the Spirit so strongly with Hermana Mirta and we were so grateful for Hermana Idalina and her testimony!

There´s the sweetest lady, Hermana Mariela!  She is a teacher and works all week, so it´s really hard for her to give us lunch.  But this past week, she had vacations!!!  She made us the most delicious lunch and treated us like princesses in her home.  She also went out with us and we visited a sweet twenty-three year old girl, Jessica!  Jessica looks a lot like Lindsay.  One day as we were walking, I saw her and wanted to let her know she looked like my sister!  So we ended up talking to her and it turns out she has a lot of questions and is wondering how she can find peace in her life!  Anyway, we visited her with Hermana Mariela and it was an awesome lesson.  Hermana Mariela testified the gospel of Jesus Christ truly can give us peace.  When we have no idea what we should do, the gospel can always help us.  We are so excited to visit Jessica again this night!

As a mission, we are studying John!  This morning, I read John chapter 9.  In this chapter, Jesus Christ heals a blind man.  As I was studying, it came to my mind I should read the story about Alma the younger (someone who was spiritually blind).  It is so cool to compare these stories...Jesus Christ can heal those who are struggling physically and spiritually!

Hermana Susana Mendina (our neighbor) is so awesome!  She went out with us to visit the Berneda family and she shared 2 Nephi 31:20 with them and made a little card that had the scripture written out.  It was the sweetest gesture.

I sure do love my sweet companion, Hermana Salvatierra!  I have been blessed with the best companions.

I am loving life as a missionary here in Artigas Barrio 6!


Hermana Dixon

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