Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hello my sweet fam!!! much happened this week, so I´m just going to cover it all chronologically!!!

On Monday I had my last day with Selene!!!  We had plans to go to the waterfront here in Mercedes and eat ice cream outside!  It ended up raining really hard, but we went nonetheless.  Eating ice cream in rain is so fun, and I don´t exactly know why, but there weren´t a ton of people walking around the waterfront!

On Tuesday I headed out of Mercedes at 3:40 a.m. or so to have a meeting in Montevideo!  I loved learning from President Smith and other missionaries!  We talked a lot about the plan of salvation and the importance of opening our mouths always!  And I LOVED seeing so many sweet missionaries (friends from past zones, housemates, and Hermana Schaeffer, my CCM companion).

On Tuesday night I needed to wait for Hermana Marsh, so I went out contacting in Montevideo with Hermana Tafur (she also needed to stay in Montevideo a bit longer for an appointment).  Wow...the people in Montevideo are so different!  We sure got rejected often and heard a lot about evolution, but we met some awesome people who said the missionaries in Montevideo could come back to visit them!  And Hermana Tafur is just so fun!

Later on Tuesday night I arrived at the mission home with Hermana Tafur and Hermana Davidson.  President Smith prepared a little dinner for us (he is the nicest) and it was fun asking him questions about his mission.  We slept like babies in the mission home (the beds there are super comfortable).

Wednesday morning Hermana Tafur and Hermana Davidson had to leave for their appointment, so I hung around at the mission home.  President Smith had to take Starla and Jerry to school and Hermana Smith was sick in bed, so I just kind of hung out and studied a lot!  President Smith has a couple books full of pictures of his mission.  It was so fun to see all of his adventures, and he also served in ARTIGAS!!!  

Wednesday midday I headed out to the airport with the assistants and we picked up Hermana Marsh!!!  Wow it was so fun to see her again.  We hugged and she immediately let me know she brought suitcases full of Costco goodies.  Yippee!!!

Wednesday afternoon we quickly bought a McDonalds lunch from the terminal and then headed back to Mercedes!!!

The rest of the week, I worked like crazy with Hermana Marsh!!!  She is so dedicated, fun, obedient, and loving.  I´m so excited for this transfer with her!!!

Saturday and Sunday general conference changed my life!!!  We worked with the hermanas in Dolores on Saturday, but watched conference here yesterday!

Well, that´s it for now!  We´ll be heading to the waterfront today to eat ice cream again, and let’s hope the weather will be nice!!!

Love you,

Hermana Dixon

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