Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I am obsessed with Uruguayan skies!

June 8, 2015

Hello my sweet fam!

I loved reading your letters.  It sounds like you´re all doing so great in Layton and you´re settling in super well.  So crazy!  

So it´s been an awesome week, and I just want to thank you all so much for the support you've shown me during my mission.  I feel so lucky to be here in Uruguay preaching the gospel, and I know it wouldn't be possible for me to be here without you guys.  So just thank you so much!

Sadly, I don´t have any more embarrassing stories to share, but this week was filled with so many blessings!  And many of these blessings involve incredible Uruguayans.
  • On Wednesday night, we called Hermano Lorenzo to accompany us for just one hour.  But he helped us out for three hours.  And in the RAIN!  We just kept thanking and thanking him, but he told us it gives him so much happiness to help those around him.  What a good example!
  • On Thursday, we had interviews with president.  I just love President Smith so much, and I can honestly say he is the perfect mission president for me!
  • On Saturday, we visited the Berneda Family and they are doing so great!  Hermana Berneda always repeats this story:  About two months back, she felt super sad and was praying Heavenly Father could help her somehow.  She said just a couple days later, we passed by to visit them!  She felt so surprised Heavenly Father answered her prayers so quickly, and it is so cool to see how the gospel is changing Hermana Berneda.  She says she still has hard things in her life, but the gospel helps her keep going!
  • Last night, we visited Hermano Jorge, a returned missionary.  He served in Cordoba, Argentina, but hasn´t come to church for quite some time.  We passed by with the Dos Santos family, and I can honestly say MEMBERS MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORK.  Please please please, you guys should work with the missionaries because the members always bring miracles.  We shared scriptures in Alma 47 and 3 Nephi 11 with Jorge, and then invited him to pray, read, and come to church.  After this invitation, Hermano Dos Santos jumped in and said Hermano Jorge didn´t need to pray, read, or come to church alone and they would love to come to his house and help him out!  Afterwards, Hermano Jorge then asked, "So when would you guys like to come pick me up for church?"  They´re going to swing by for him this Sunday, and we are just so excited!
Well, that´s about all for now!  I feel so happy to be a missionary, and just always remember Heavenly Father loves you all so much and is listening to your prayers!


Hermana Dixon

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