Tuesday, September 1, 2015

January 5, 2015


It´s so crazy that another week has come and gone.  When I was starting out, the mission really felt slow, but time is starting to fly.  Anyway, from all the pictures I´m receiving, it seems like you have had an interesting/stressful week.  I´ll be praying for you guys that everything in the house gets fixed up real fast.
So this week was awesome!  On Tuesday, my sweet comp had a meeting in Montevideo, so I spent a bit of time in Nueva Helvecia (an area about thirty minutes away from Juan Lacaze).  OH MY GOODNESS Nueva Helvecia is beautiful!  There are a lot of trees and green areas and I just loved walking around and taking everything in.  I got to serve with Hermana Tate (a cute hermana in my district who is from California and went to BYU before the mission as well) and Hermana Salaberry (an eighteen-year-old from Montevideo who is serving a "mini-mission" for three weeks).  It was so fun learning more about these hermanas, especially because Hermana Salaberry is a convert of a few months.  Our day together was a typical mission day...we walked lots and knocked on lots of doors but people weren´t home.  But you know what?  To end the day, God gave us a miracle!  We ended the day talking to a sweet lady and she let us into her house and we taught her about prayer!
Hermana Ventura and I saw another miracle on Saturday!  Saturday was a really trying day.  I woke up not feeling too great and Hermana Ventura and I ended up walking LOTS and knocking LOTS of doors.  But we did our best to be patient with one another and patient with our circumstances and the Lord blessed us!  To end the night, we had a lesson with Familia Dotti, who haven’t been coming to church for the past couple of months.  Hermana Ventura led the way during the lesson and I followed. We listened a lot about their lives and then read DyC 101, a section about a master of a vineyard and his servant!  In one verse, 61, the master in charge of the vineyard describes the servant as faithful, and someone who will one day be worthy enough to govern the vineyard.  As you know, feeling the Spirit during my mission has been a bit of a struggle for me.  But after we read this verse, I felt the Spirit working within me.   I asked Familia Dotti which words were used to describe the servant.  They responded with "faithful, governer of the vineyard, etc."  Afterwards, I asked, "How would you feel if our Savior used those same words to describe you when you see him again?"  We all felt the Spirit very strongly in the room and I just felt so grateful that the Lord used me and my companion as instruments.  It was something really small, but also something really big for us! Yesterday, Hermana and Hermano Dotti came to church and Hermana Dotti shared her testimony about the Savior.  So yeah Hermana Ventura and I were just both so thrilled!  May we all live our lives in a way that the Lord can call us faithful one day!  Anyway, Hermana Ventura is finishing up her mission in about a week and it is so crazy to "kill" a companion.  We are enjoying our time together and we´ll be spending this P-Day in Colonia!  

I sure do love you lots, and keep being awesome!:):)

Hermana Dixon

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