Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"[B]est birthday ever!!!"

January 19, 2015

Hey fam!

What a crazy week it´s been...first things first, I want to tell you a bit about my new companion!  She is awesome!  So her name is Hermana Obando and she is from COLOMBIA!  She speaks Spanish like a pro, is twenty-three, is super cute, is a nurse, and is very organized (especially when it comes to finances and keeping our house in order), so I sure got lucky to have the opportunity to train her.  I thought I would be stressed out of my mind, but she makes things easy for me!  Woo hoo!  I just have a feeling that we are going to see lots of miracles here in Juan Lacaze together!

So I honestly had the best birthday ever!!!  I started my day waking up at 4:20.  Hermana Ventura decorated our house a bit and gave me the biggest birthday hug!  We then got ready quickly and Hermana Ventura finished up all of her packing (she went back to Peru this past Thursday).  We thought our bus left at 5:53, and at 5:50 or so, we started loading up Hermana Teresa´s car with all of Hermana Ventura´s stuff.  It took a long time and then Hermana Teresa couldn´t find her keys, so I started freaking out a bit because I was sure we had missed our bus and I was afraid I wouldn´t make it to Montevideo in time to pick up Hermana Obando!  But everything worked out!  It turns out our bus left at 6:15!  So anyway, we arrived in the bus station in Montevideo and then I immediately took a taxi to the temple/mission home.  Hermana Ventura had to stay behind so I took the taxi alone...oh my goodness it felt so weird not to have a companion, but it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my 19th year so whatevs!  I then arrived at the temple and mission home but I had no idea where all the missionaries and President Smith I just walked around ALONE for a bit but then a couple of missionaries found me!  Yay!  I quickly ate breakfast in the mission cafeteria and then I ran over to the mission home.  President was having a capacitacion with all the trainers and I was totally the last one to arrive (I guess the people in Colonia are always the last to arrive because our bus schedule is weird).  But anyway, I finally got there and I loved reading some scriptures about training and focusing on our companions!  After the capacitacion, we all lined up, walked to the temple, and stood behind the people we were going to train!  We sang “Called to Serve” (but in Spanish) and then our companions turned around!  I started crying a bit (tears of joy) when I first saw Hermana Obando because I realized she was Latina and I didn´t have to teach her Spanish!  After I picked up Hermana Obando, we went to the temple together, took some pics (I´ll send them soon but my computer doesn´t have a place to send photos), ate sloppy joes for lunch, and went back to the bus station to wait!  Oh and Hermana Smith was just so kind...she gave me a little cake with a candle and the sweetest birthday package (chocolates, banana muffins, a note, a necklace, and a journal)!  I love that lady!  While Hermana Obando and I waited for our bus back to Juan Lacaze, we got to know each other a bit more and I got to see Hermana Paredes (because she´s serving in an area close to the bus station)!!!  She gave me the sweetest poster, necklace, and a box of faith (every time I need a bit of strength, I can open the box and there is a picture of Jesus Christ and a couple of her favorite scriptures).  I sure am one lucky gal when it comes to my companions.  And then, we arrived back in Juan Lacaze and unpacked!  So yeah, that was my birthday in Uruguay! 

I don´t have much time left, but I´ll just give you a quick update.  Familia Dotti is doing so great and Hermana Dotti accompanied us on a lesson with Alba this past week.  I am loving learning with Hermana Obando.  I gave my first sacrament talk in Uruguay yesterday and I talked about adversity and how a lot of times, our problems are winds to bring us to our promised lands (like the story of the Jaredites).  We´ve been seeing lots of rain which is great because it combats the heat.  I AM LOVING LIFE!

Love you all!

Hermana Dixon

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