Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week Two in Uruguay!

With Hermana Ferrara on a bus

June 30, 2014

Hola familia!

Okay so this past week has been so fun!  I feel so lucky because as a newbie missionary, I`ve had the chance to go on many adventures.  My trainer had a conference in Montevideo this past week, so I went to a new area for a few days.  It`s called Dolores, and I served with Hermana Ferrara from BOULDER, COLORADO!  We were just instant friends because of our Colorado tie--I am so glad for the chance I had to be with her for a bit!  I had the opportunity to eat with the patriarch for our zone (I didn`t know he was a patriarch until afterwards, otherwise I would`ve told him about grandpa), meet an awesome recent convert named Selene who is eighteen and thinking about serving a mission, and meet the cutest old lady.  I forgot her name, but it was so funny because when she answered her door, she was only wearing a sweater and sheer tights.  Hermana Ferrara and I were both like, "Hermana, where are your pants?"  Haha, so when we got in, we helped her find some good pants to wear for the day.

Today has been crazy because we MOVED!  One thing I forgot to tell you in last week`s letter is that our house was SUPER far from our area.  Like about an hour walk each way.  So, we moved today and we are right in our area.  It`ll be nice because we`ll have so much more time to teach, and our new house is amazing.  I feel a little bad because it is super nice, but I guess I should just be grateful while it lasts!  I`m still getting used to life as a missionary and I still have moments where I feel inadequate, but each day gets a little bit better.  I am adjusting to the humidity, am beginning to understand Español more, and am starting to realize how awesome the people here are.  We honestly ask random people on the street just one question, and they completely tell us their life story.  It`s a little hard when you can`t pick up all the details because of the language barrier, but it`s still amazing to hear what they have to say.  And I am LOVING my ward here!  On Saturday, we had a ten-hour ward activity.  It was soooo long, but so good.  We went to a beach, played games, built sand castles, ate food, and had a little spiritual thought.  On the bus ride home, which was right before the game, everyone on the bus just started singing songs about Uruguay, and it made me so happy to be serving here!  We work a lot with less actives here, but we`ve got some great investigators right now.  One girl is sixteen and named Priscilla.  She has an INCREDIBLE voice (she won some sort of competition), and she is so nice!  And then we have also been teaching lessons to an eight-year-old girl named Augustina.  She is super excited about the gospel, and it`s so cool because her mom was an active member when she was younger!  Well, I love you all, and just know I am doing well!  Things have been hard, but it`s given me the opportunity to really rely on my Savior, and the good definitely outweighs the bad!  I am so grateful to be here!


Hermana Dixon

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