Saturday, October 11, 2014

September 9, 2014

Hola familia!

Okay so this week has been another interesting one!  Another week of Charla Fogonera stuff!  We had practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and we sang in a Charla Fogonera on Saturday in Dolores (a little city an hour and a half from Fray Bentos) and Mercedes (a city about thirty minutes from Fray Bentos).  The Charla in Dolores was awesome, but something funny happened.  People didn’t really get the memo about not clapping, so they clapped after the first few songs.  We were all like, "Um, what should we do?" but eventually, the congregation figured things out!  And the Charla in Mercedes was awesome as well!  I was the missionary sitting closest to the pulpit, so it was my job to tap people with a folder in the backs of their legs if their testimonies began to run too long (Uruguayans love to talk)!  I honestly did not want to do it because I hate hitting people with things, but I did it very gently and everyone got the point with no problems!  Phew!  As for our area, things have been going well with the little time we’ve had in Fray Bentos.  We are beginning to teach a lot of new investigators, and some of them have LOTS of potential!  Yay!  Sad news though, this really awesome couple we’ve been teaching is moving...but they’re moving into the Elders’ area, so they’ll still be in our ward.  Okay and BIG NEWS...I am officially done with my training now.  Hermana McMurray will be leaving to go to Cerro tomorrow (I think it’s a suburb of Montevideo) and I will be staying here in Fray Bentos with Hermana Gordillo (from GUATEMALA)!  She just has two transfers left in her mission, so it’ll be awesome to be with another missionary with a lot of time.  I am going to miss Hermana McMurray like crazy (she has honestly been the best trainer I could’ve asked for), but I am excited for this new opportunity.  And please pray for me because I am now the person who knows the most about my area...crazy!!!  But I know God will help me, even though I am super directionally challenged.  Well, I’ve got to go, but before I head out, I urge you all to read Alma 26:12, my fave!  I know that I’m nothing, but I know with God, I can do all things, even navigating streets here in Fray Bentos! 

Hasta proximo semana!

Hermana Dixon

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