Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hola familia!

So this week has been super weird but super good!!!  We woke up two mornings in a row at 3 to head to the bus station to drop off missionaries from our district and then Hermana McMurray came back from Argentina early another morning, so we were all super tired!  But luckily, we were still able to work hard!  On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with sweet Hermana Marisol.  She is a sassy lady who is in her fifties or sixties, knows absolutely everyone in Fray Bentos, and loves taking people’s blood pressure (she used to be a nurse).  My day with her was good--we visited some less active members in our ward in the morning and then kind of had a weird afternoon.  She asked me if she could run an errand, and I told her yeah!  So we started going to all these random houses and taking people’s blood pressures.  I didn’t really know what to do, but I kind of let her do her thing.  It ended up working out great because I got to talk to the people while they were getting their pressure taken, so Hermana McMurray and I have a bunch of new people to visit!  And then near the end of the day, she took me to this house that makes super good pastries!  We each pitched in a little bit and bought some pastries, and Hermana McMurray and I are going to visit that house sometime this week as well!  It was an interesting day, but I am grateful for the time I got to spend with Hermana Marisol!  She is going to get her mission call sometime soon, so I’ll keep you updated where she’s going!  When Hermana McMurray came back, we had the opportunity to teach a lot of amazing less active members in our ward.  We still haven’t had a lot of progressing investigators, but it was incredible how many less active members came to church yesterday!!!  One lady who came to church yesterday is named Maria, and her sister is our stake Relief Society president.  I had the opportunity to teach Maria on Wednesday with Hermana Marisol and then again on Saturday with Hermana McMurray and her sister!  The lesson with her on Wednesday was very spiritual for me...Hermana Marisol and I shared a scripture about how the Lord can strengthen us to overcome our burdens.  Yesterday, when both Maria and I were in gospel doctrine, we talked about service and ways we can serve others.  She raised her hand and shared that on Wednesday, she had been struggling a lot and our visit gave her strength to move forward in her life.  I was almost brought to tears because it’s sometimes hard to see whether or not you’re making an impact on people!  Okay I have to go, but really quick, I have some other news.  First, our house is getting super moldy.  Second, we have a baptism on Friday!  Our bishop’s mother-in-law was baptized before, but her records got lost.  So she is getting baptized on Friday!  She is so sweet and has been less active for awhile, but is so excited to get baptized again! 

Anyway, love you all!

Hermana Dixon

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