Friday, June 13, 2014

Diecisiete Milagros

Sisters at the CCM

May 29, 2014

Hola familia!

Okay so on Sunday, we finished watching Seventeen Miracles!  I honestly love that movie, and every time I watch it, I get chills thinking of all the sacrifices the pioneers made to establish The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They are incredible!  Anyway, I´ve been thinking a lot about miracles this week.  I know my experience as a missionary does not even compare to what the pioneers had to go through, but I thought I´d write about seventeen miracles I´ve seen in my life this week.  Some of them are little and some are big, but they´ve all played a part in making me happy!

17) BANANAS AND DULCE DE LECHE--Okay so if I am remembering correctly, I think one of the last conversations I had with dad before I left involved how much I hoped I´d be able to eat bananas in South America.  Well guess what??  There is an endless supply of bananas at the CCM.  They are out in a bin all day long, and I eat about three or four a day.  You´d think I´d get sick of them but I haven´t gotten to that point yet, so yay!  Also, I am extremely grateful South Americans love dulce de leche because it is incredible.  They put it in every single dessert and it is just great!

16) EXTENSION CHORD--As I was rummaging through my new room, I found an extension chord with tons of outlets on it!  And some of the outlets are American!!!  So now I´ve got power!  I still haven´t really used them, but it´s good to know they´re there!

15) RAINY/FOGGY WEATHER--So last semester, I remember walking around campus on a rainy day and just hoping I'd get called to a rainy place on my mission.  It´s been rainy and foggy this week in Argentina, and I´m pretty sure Uruguay has the same weather!  We had a little break from classes one day, so I just stuck my head out the window and took a huge breath of the rainy air.  It felt amazing!  I´m sure I will have different thoughts about rain when I go out into the field, but for now, I love it!

14) MONDONGO SOUP--So on Tuesday, we had this soup with cow intestines in it.  I tried to avoid the cow intestines as much as I could because I´m not super brave when it comes to that kind of stuff.  The broth tasted pretty funky, but I survived, so it was a miracle indeed!

13) MY TEACHERS--I have two teachers who are so different from each other but so awesome in their own ways.  One teacher, De Oliviera is a little more strict, but we learn tons of Español from him.  The other teacher, Fiorimanti, is honestly the happiest/bubbliest person I´ve ever met.  He has taught us a lot about how we should treat our investigators.  I have been learning so much from them!

Okay time is running out, so my descriptions will be shorter, sorry!

12) THE TEMPLE--I know I´ve mentioned this before, but I love living so close to the Buenos Aires Temple!  We went for the third and last time today (they are closing for cleaning and maintenance) and I LOVED it!

11) MY DISTRICT--It's crazy how much time the eight of us spend together, but we get along so well!  No crazy fist fights like Lindsay´s district yet!  Next week, I´m going to write a bit about each person in my district so you get to know them a little better!

10) MARCH 18--So I had to write a talk for Sunday, and while preparing, I read D&C 90.  This section helped me realize I should still go on a mission even though I was feeling scared and discouraged.  I was looking back in my journal and realized I first found this section on March 18.  I read the heading about the section, and the people mentioned in the section were ordained on March 18.  Crazy, huh?  God is aware of His children!

9) MY COMPANIONS--Honestly, I love them a lot! We are all so different but each has something special to contribute!

8) SPANISH--Although Español is muy dificile, I am learning way more than I could on my own.  I know God is helping me lots and I am grateful!

7) DESPERATION--So on Wednesday, Elder Nelson's wife talked about desperation in the devotional.  She said desperation is a good thing because it helps you grow closer to Jesus Christ.  Cool way to look at trials and hard times, eh?

Okay I´m going to have to cut this short, so just know I´ve got more milagros coming your way next week!  Really fast, I want to let you guys know proselyting went GREAT!  We met this awesome guy named Eric and I will tell you more about him.  Also, I just want to leave you with a quick testimony.  I know God and Jesus Christ love us and bless us to do things that are beyond our own capacities.  I know specific people are in our lives for a reason.  I know families can be together forever and that makes me SO HAPPY!  I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!  Know that I think about you often!


Hermana Dixon

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